School Fees

School fee can be paid in full at the commencement of the academic year or in four instalments as mentioned below:

I Instalment: By 15 April (of that calendar year)

II Instalment: By 5 August (of that calendar year)

III Instalment: By 5 November (of that calendar year)

IV Instalment: By 5 February (of the following calendar year)

No part payments will be accepted going forward.

  • Fee should be paid on or before the above mentioned dates. No reminders will be given and delay of any kind will not be accepted.
  • Repeated defaulters will be given written intimation twice after which the names of their wards will be reported to the department with a request to strike off the names from the school rolls.
  • Fee can be paid at the school reception from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on all working days (Monday to Saturday).
  • Fee can be paid in Cash or through GooglePay/PhonePay. Cheques will not be accepted.
  • Any information regarding fees due, admission number, dates to deposit etc. will not be provided by phone. Kindly make the enquiries in person at the school office.
  • Bus fees should be paid along with the school fee. To start or to discontinue the use of bus service, one month’s notice will have to be given before the quarter starts otherwise whole quarters fees will be charged.
  • Fees will have to be paid as long as the pupil’s name is on rolls.