School Rules

An enrolment is accepted on the understanding that the following regulations will be observed: Self discipline is learned in a disciplined, safe, caring environment. Respect for our rules will ensure that all students will benefit from the learning opportunities we provide. We seek the co-operation of parents and caregivers in enabling all teaching and learning at Carmel Jyothi High School to be carried out in a constructive, harmonious and well ordered way. Common sense and respect for others are our guides to behaviour. The judgment and discretion of the Principal will prevail, according to The Education Act. All students have the right to expect:

  • conditions in the school which help learning
  • the controlling of any influence in the school which may cause harm
  • the protection of their person and property, and that these will be respected by others

These rights mean that a high degree of consideration for others must be shown by all members of the Carmel Jyothi High School community. In speech, language, uniform and manner, all students are expected to be a credit to Carmel Jyothi High School and to act in such a way that good relationships are established with others under all circumstances.


Homework is set by subject teachers regularly. It may take a variety of forms. Students are expected to complete all their homework assignments.


Carmel Jyothi High School demands a high standard of behaviour and work. Vandalism is a serious offence. Any repairs to equipment or buildings must be fully paid for by the student(s) responsible for the damage. We regard any behaviour which harms other students as most serious. Bullying, violence, racism,, sexual harassment, verbal abuse and any action which intrudes on others’ individual rights will not be tolerated. Substances or articles likely to be harmful (fireworks, firearms, knives, cigarette lighters, matches etc) must not be brought to school. Smoking and drinking intoxicating liquor are not allowed. Tobacco, drugs and alcohol are not to be brought to school, or to any activity organised by Carmel Jyothi High School, or used while participating in school activities. Students are expected to be courteous and keep their relationships with others peaceful, collegial and appropriate for a workplace. Theft is absolutely forbidden, as is graffiti. Students are expected to wear the school uniform as specified by the Board, in a clean, tidy condition and with pride in their appearance. The school reserves the right to judge whether standards of dress and presentation are acceptable. Visible piercings, tattoos and jewellery are forbidden. Students must be clean shaven. Hair length, colour, and style must be appropriate for school. Students are expected to behave appropriately while at school, both in the classroom, as directed by the teacher who is in charge, outside the classroom, and while in school uniform or on a school occasion. Respect and consideration for learning means disruption to the lesson will not be tolerated. Students should be properly prepared for class, have the correct equipment, and show a willingness to co-operate and learn. Students are expected to respect others, and have no obvious displays of affection or touching. Students may bring cell phones to school. During class these are to be used for learning purposes only as instructed by the teacher. Attendance is compulsory. Cambridge High School has developed an effective absence-checking system which gives computer printouts of absences for form teachers. Students must bring an absence note to their Form Teacher on the day of return. We expect students to attend all classes and study punctually, as part of meeting satisfactory course requirements. Students are not allowed to leave school during the day without permission, except to go home for approved lunch or for an appointment. Students who leave school (or arrive late) must sign the book in the office. Applications for leave must be forwarded to the Principal in writing giving the reason for the request. This should be well in advance. Leave will be subject to completing the catch-up programme.

Motor Vehicles

All vehicles used by students for transport to school must be registered with the school office. While using bicycles for transport to and from school, students are expected to demonstrate responsible and courteous behaviour which will reflect creditably on Carmel Jyothi High School. Parents bringing or picking up students are asked to stay clear of the main entrance.

Students’ Property

Students should take appropriate care in safeguarding their own possessions. Valuables should not be brought to school unless absolutely necessary. If they are, they remain the responsibility of the student.

Illness or Injury at School

If a student is unwell or injured during the school day they MUST go to the health clinic where they will be assessed and treatment given if required. If they need to go home the school will contact caregivers to make arrangements. Under NO circumstances should a student who is unwell or injured leave school without reporting to the office.


Students leaving the school permanently must obtain a ‘No Due’ form. When it is completed, the form must be handed back to the School Office. (Note: A student cannot be ‘cleared’ until all school property on loan has been accounted for and all fees and charges paid.)

School Hours

Monday to Friday:

  • 9.30 am – 4.15 pm


  • 9.30 am – 1.30 pm


Reports are sent to parents three times a year. We arrange meetings for parents with teachers to discuss progress, and use the newsletter to advertise these. Parents are always welcome to phone if additional information is required.

Support and Guidance

At times, individual students benefit from extra help in meeting our standards of behaviour. Our approach to discipline is based on motivation and consequences for both good and bad behaviour. Good behaviour is rewarded, and poor behaviour can lead to a variety of strategies designed to correct it. After school detentions are given, and parents will have twenty-four hours notice of these (employment, bus arrangements and appointments will not be accepted as an excuse for non-attendance).

Standards of Behaviour

Courtesy, co-operation, consideration for others, and common sense are valued, and expected. Students are expected to respect our rules, wear our uniform well, be punctual and attend regularly. We believe students learn self-discipline in a disciplined, orderly and safe environment, which means smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs are forbidden, and students are expected to respect each other and property. Where a student out of school brings the school into disrepute by misconduct, the Management reserves the right to exercise school discipline. This particularly applies to students on their way to school, from school, and when wearing our uniform in public. Our rules are available at the School Office.

Attendance and Punctuality

Students need to be at school to learn successfully. Parents are asked to assist us. Please phone in on the morning a student is absent, followed by a signed absence note when they return stating the name, form, dates of absence and the cause of the absence. Please make dental and medical appointments after school if possible. Please ensure students are present, especially on the first and last days of terms, and no extra time is requested to extend holidays. If parents have a special request for a student to be away from school or more than 2 days, permission is required well in advance from the Principal. A letter explaining the reason for the request is expected. We have programmes to encourage punctuality, and our office closely monitor attendance.


Our school has an open information policy. All records are open to the person concerned. We reserve the right to collect, use and disclose information when required for educational and administrative purposes.